Make Freedom a Fundamental Right

The government says we don’t have a fundamental right to freedom
..and this has to change.

The U.S. Supreme Court has carefully limited the fundamental rights of Americans to a few select areas,
such as religion, speech and abortion. Congress agrees. This means the government can cut down our freedom to
live our lives as we choose
at any time it wants and in just about any way it sees fit. (For legal details, click here)

Every year, Congress creates hundreds of new laws and “crimes” that whittle our liberty away. (click here)

For Americans to be the free people envisioned by the Founders, we cannot let this continue.
We cannot let government keep on denying our fundamental right to liberty that the Constitution guarantees.
American freedom is not “optional,” and government has to stop acting like it is.

Freedom must be restored as a fundamental right. Everything thing else depends on it.
We need a plan. (click here.)

Stepping Stones to Freedom
In order to restore the freedom that Americans were meant to have, we need to:
There'd still be more to do, but these would be a huge start.
What's different about TAKING LIBERTY SERIOUSLY?
Plenty of people claim they favor liberty. But do they?
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More laws = Less liberty

How the Supreme Court Wrote ‘Liberty’ Out of the Constitution
It's time to put it back
(Click here)
What's Happening to America’s Love of Liberty?
Our culture of liberty is losing ground to the mantra of "there ought to be a law"
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America is still, of course, a generally free country, but...
With the direction that government is taking, only vigilance will keep it that way.
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Click items below for a brief look at what it might be like if Americans get freedom as a fundamental right

What you can do?
  • Ask candidates if they view liberty as a first priority
  • Support only candidates who demand Liberty Impact Statements
  • Vote only for those who support a Constitutional Court
  • Write to newspapers and blogs in support of liberty

  • In the News
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    Cop Mistakes Self for "Fashion Police," Assaults Basic Liberty.
  • Bob Herbert’s Monstrous Proposal
    Military draft as a political tool.
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