America is still a generally free country, but..
With the direction that government is taking, only vigilance will keep it that way.

Since the days when American freedom was established, government has passed many laws that cut our freedom down. The trend has accelerated in the past 70 years. There is, of course, still plenty of freedom left, but there is a problem.

The problem is that government has carefully kept the right to reduce our freedom any time it wants and in just about any way it sees fit. And it passes new laws to do this all the time.

The Supreme Court has chosen not to stand in the way of laws reducing liberty, using its so-called rational basis test along with an extremely strong presumption of constitutionality. As a result, government is able to keep nicking away at American freedom practically without limit. Clearly, government canít keep on passing new laws that limit freedom without making a difference.

This is why we, the people, need to be vigilant. Even though America is still a generally free country, the trend is the other way. Government will not stop chipping away at American freedom until the people make it stop.
(more to come)

What you can do?
  • Ask candidates if they view liberty as a first priority
  • Support only candidates who demand Liberty Impact Statements
  • Vote only for those who support a Constitutional Court
  • Write to newspapers and blogs in support of liberty

  • Notes
    Rational Basis Test: The "rational basis test" allows any law to curtail freedom as long as ďany state of facts reasonably can be conceived that would sustain" it. Bordenís Farm Prods. Co. v. Baldwin, 293 U.S. 194, 209 (1934). Return