Arizona Cracks Down
on Human-Animal Hybrids

In its eagerness to look tough on liberty, the Arizona State Legislature has passed a law against trying to create "human-animal hybrids." That is to say, the state’s anti-liberty legislators and its redoubtable governor have made it a crime to try something that is biologically impossible.

Despite the self-evident scientific ignorance of that august body, the Legislature’s abundance of caution might at first seem worth it. After all, you need only recall the havoc wrecked by the centaurs and minotaurs to know how bad it could be. We certainly hope that no renegade Arizonans are actually trying to bring those creatures back.

But returning for a moment to the reality-based world, the main point of this new law is obviously only to make it look like the people’s representatives are “doing something.” But why do Arizona’s legislators think they look good if they are restricting liberty? Do they think the people of Arizona hate liberty so much that they like laws that vainly restrict it without preventing any harm at all?

True, the liberty that the new law restricts doesn’t amount to much, but that is not the point. It’s the thought that counts, and the new Arizona law is hateful to liberty pure and simple.