Sign of Our Times:

Attention Criminals!
Government Declares Open Season on Illegal Immigrants

Are you tired of the police harassing you every time you go out to “get paid”? Had enough of getting snitched on by the people you rob? You want the cops to get off your case and let you rob and steal in peace?

Well, there’s finally some good news!

Right now, government is setting up a new program that creates a year-round open season on roughly 12-20 million people in the United States, many of them right in your own town or city! This program will mean you can rob them, assault them, blackmail them—almost anything you want (except maybe murder), without fear of legal repercussions. Under this new government program, your victims will go to jail if they turn you in or even report the crime. Yes, you read that right: Your victims will go to jail !

With Arizona leading the way, states around the nation are finally waking up and deciding to make sure criminals can do their work in peace. The plan is simple: If any of the new designated victims makes a report to the police, it is the victim who gets locked up, not you! How sweet is that!

There's only one catch. You have to limit yourself to the government-designated victims (a.k.a. "illegal immigrants") that your state is making available. But with some 12-20 million of these people nationwide, that’s a lot to choose from. And here's the best part: These people con't use the banks (due to their status) so they're usually carrying lots of cash ! And, on top of that, you know where they live!

So don’t delay. Other criminals are already moving in to get their share of this wonderful government program. Before you know it, rival criminal gangs will be setting up “protection” rackets in communities near you. And why not? With its new “lock up the victim” policy, our government is finally giving a green light to robbers, blackmailers and criminal gangs.

But don’t despair, even if you’re getting on board late. With the added resources and power that the gangs will get under this new government program, who knows who they’ll hit next? They'll soon have job openings galore. Not since Prohibition and the War on Drugs has government done so much to help the criminal class. A new era of criminal prosperity will soon be upon us!

Excerpt from Hamilton Journal-News, online edition, July 16, 2010
Homicide victim had been deported five months ago, by Josh Sweigart, Staff Writer

‘Mexicans are always getting robbed here’

Euvonda Martinez, 38, … said undocumented Hispanics are frequently victims of robberies and other crimes in the neighborhood.

“Mexicans are always getting robbed here,” she said. “They know they’re not going to call the cops because of the sheriff.”

She said that because of Butler County Sheriff Richard K. Jones’ repeated call for stiff enforcement of immigration laws, she’ll be surprised if people on the street cooperate with the homicide investigation.

She and others said this even hurts how much the Hispanic community trusts Hamilton police.

“It doesn’t matter (who’s investigating the crime) because when you get arrested here, you always go straight to the sheriff, and immigration will put a hold on you and they’ll deport you,” she said.

“They’re afraid to call the cops,” agreed fellow neighbor Jessica Renfro, 22.
[Note: The Hamilton city police do not lock up people who report crimes or turn them in to others that do. But, as noted above, this policy is not well understood in the immigrant community, and illegal immigrants are also afraid to talk to the Hamilton Police.]
"Government has no business telling people where they can be"

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